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Hocking Hills Ohio -- a National Park that Can Hold its Own Against Anything in the American West...

March 01, 2021

When one thinks of epic outdoor scenery, Ohio may not be the first place that directly comes to mind. It turns out however, that this would actually be incorrect, both when it comes to scenery and also for outdoor adventures in fact. In compiling our list of best locations for outdoorsmen in the United States, one of our pics at the top, “is Hocking Hills National Park,” and it just so happens to be in one of the last places you may expect – Ohio.

The broader term “Hocking Hills” refers to both the Hocking Hills State Park and Hocking Hills State Forest taken together as a whole, and it’s the hiking trails, waterfalls, and caves that make it so outstanding, but there are also other attractions available such as campgrounds, horse camps, cabins, and lodges that one may enjoy.

There are six main hiking areas, and the most popular hiking destination is Ash Cave. While that trail itself is only half a mile long, the reason it’s so popular is because of its waterfall that’s along the route, and also Ash Cave itself which is about 90 feet high and 700 feet wide. There are plenty of other waterfalls to see besides that one however, and both the Old Man’s Cave and Cedar falls trails also feature them. That makes this location stand out somewhat compared to the others we’ve reviewed on this site in the past, in that there are such a high number of waterfalls to see. Other trails in the area include Cantwell Cliffs and Moonville Tunnel, the later of which has an abandoned railway tunnel running directly through it.

What makes all the hiking trails, caves, waterfalls, campground, and pretty much everything else at “Hocking Hills” look so amazing is the majestic rock formations which nature has carved out of Black Hand Sandstone, and most photographs showing off the magnificent views of the area show off these features of the area, like the one we have posted below.

Since most of the outdoor locations we’ve reviewed thus far have also been out in the west, including the mighty Colorado River which runs directly through the Grand Canyon, one may think that “Hocking Hills” in southern Ohio simply may not be able to compete with those for any outdoor vacation, but the reality is – it does, and it can. That’s why we recommend it to everyone as a place that should be high on anyone’s list, for the absolute best outdoor adventures in the United States.

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